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Tech Open Air Berlin 2017

  • Funkhaus Berlin 18 Nalepastraße Berlin, Berlin, 12459 Germany (map)
  • Artificial Intelligence is THE technological megatrend of the 21st century. AI will develop far beyond the level of recent process controlling systems, and will make computer mouses, keyboards, apps, maybe even smartphones as such obsolete. We won’t have to deal with technologically insufficient user interfaces anymore because technology will seamlessly and ergonomically blend in into our daily lives. Products will dissolve into services and AI is going to be an individual and effective, comprehensive support for everyone. Meanwhile the fact that exact predictions about almost everyone and everything become possible, our society has to work on new contracts about security, privacy and much more. Marketing will be among the first fields, in which powerful AI will bundle services and foster competition. You will have to integrate AI into your business processes and into marketing in order to stay in the market.

We use AI every day without even noticing it. John McCarthy, who coined the term “Artificial Intelligence” complained in 1956: “ As soon as it is implemented, nobody calls it AI anymore.” At the exponential curve of technological development, we are getting closer to the point, where we as humans are going to lose control over the further development of AI.

  • Use of AI in Marketing today
  • Development of AI and why we are always late
  • The next big thing and why you have to be part of it
  • The End of the world (as we know it)
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